28th June 2019

Cameron Rendall on his career so far

Cameron Rendall

Cameron, known as Cammy, has been with us for 3 years, joining us as an apprentice in 2016 and growing into his current role of Service Desk Analyst. Cammy’s future with us has been further guaranteed as he phases into our change team as a Field Service Engineer.

I left school early, while my peers thought about college and university, I was eager to get started in the world of work.

My brother had introduced me to the IT industry – he had been accepted into the QA Apprenticeship scheme working in the IT departments of some large companies. He also managed to get me a 2-week stint doing work experience at one of the places he worked – that really gave me the drive to want to get in this type of work.

Having been accepted into the QA Apprenticeship scheme myself, I was matched with Grant McGregor where I attended my first, and only interview, and where I was fortunate enough to be offered a place. Initially on a one-year contract, I worked alongside studying for my Level 6 and later my Level 8 qualifications. Balancing a fulltime job with learning was a struggle to start but rewarding, nonetheless.

At the end of my first year, David offered me a permanent fulltime role with Grant McGregor, which I could take on whilst finishing my Level 8 studies. Two years on and I know where I’m heading – having been a Service Desk Analyst, I am now on track to move across to our Change Team, as a Field Service Engineer. This has been initiated as part of my Growth Plan that all of us a Grant McGregor have – this outlines the road ahead of us and how we can achieve progression within the company and for ourselves. Together with an annual performance review and weekly one-on-ones there’s always been a plan in place showing me the way forward (and upward).

My family had been anxious about my decision to leave school and go out to work. I think they wondered how it would affect my long-term prospects. I’m fortunate to be able to say that those fears were unfounded – not only have I achieved nationally recognised qualifications, I have gained experience actually working in the field that I was studying about. I’ve had a head-start on my career, and I haven’t been left with the debt that many of my friends have been by going to university.

Grant McGregor has enabled me to grow in a role I love, supporting me to push myself further and harder, broadening my experience and encouraging me to further my education and training. I’ve made lifelong friends here, best friends.

Cameron Rendall