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Mental Health Awareness Week – Part 1

Paul Denton

13th May 2019
I'm Paul. I'm an external consultant and I work with Grant McGregor doing ... well, this. I try to identify the unique identity that makes them a great company to work for - from the mundane pay and benefits to the fun and friendly work environment. But today, it's my story.
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Mental Health Awareness Week

Creating an office environment that works for everyone

David Lawrence

26th April 2019
When a workplace is open and friendly, well equipped and dynamic, and the team is looked after and rewarded success is almost built-in. David Lawrence, Co-Founder of Grant McGregor, shows us why it’s important to build such an environment. Our core mission since co-founding Grant McGregor has been to deliver exceptional experiences, one person at […]
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Grant McGregor – how the future looks

Andy Moloney

5th April 2019
This week we’re taking a look at what the future holds for Grant McGregor and who better to do that than our very own Commercial Manager, Andy Moloney. I have a particular view on the talent and abilities of Grant McGregor. I’ve been here for a little over six months now, previously working for a […]
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