26th April 2019

Creating an office environment that works for everyone

David Lawrence

When a workplace is open and friendly, well equipped and dynamic, and the team is looked after and rewarded success is almost built-in. David Lawrence, Co-Founder of Grant McGregor, shows us why it’s important to build such an environment.

Our core mission since co-founding Grant McGregor has been to deliver exceptional experiences, one person at a time. It sounds like a big promise, but it is vital in allowing us to affect the kind of change that we see technology delivering in the workplaces that we partner with across Scotland.

But it’s not some noble task for us, we just want to take the stress, confusion and complexity out of IT.

We do this for our customers in many ways: we look to add value wherever possible so that we can become a valued and valuable partner and not just another supplier, we try to understand first by listening to and empathising with the people that we deal with and always act in their best interests. Maybe this is why we have a 98.7% approval in our customer satisfaction surveys and a greater than 95% retention rate of our clients.

Maybe this is why we have a 98.7% approval in our customer satisfaction surveys and a greater than 95% retention rate of our clients.

While we’re talking numbers, here are a few more: 97.75% of our service requests were resolved successfully within our SLA timelines. And 72% of those were fixed at the first attempt without the need for a follow-up.

You can only deliver that with a great team who want to help.

So whilst we focus considerable efforts on to our customers, we also know that we can only deliver on our promise and deliver even better experiences by looking after our people – and it’s not hard to understand why: if we look after our people then they are better equipped to look after my customers’ people.

That means we invest in the people who work for us by providing a range of benefits from the usual of making sure that our salaries are competitive; that there is a workplace pension with your name on it; that we increase your annual leave allowance according to tenure; that you know how you can progress with us, to succeed in your current and future roles; and that we support you in training and accreditation to take your career further. In addition to this we go further: from fresh fruit in the office to discount voucher schemes; recognition of your birthday to giving you time to support a charity close to your heart; team building and employee rewards recognising great work with extra money or time off in lieu.

Those are just some of the ways that we have created a workplace that feels like family. A place that cares for and nurtures its team so that we can succeed together and deliver those great experiences that we imagined, many years ago.

David Lawrence