5th April 2019

Grant McGregor – how the future looks

Andy Moloney

This week we’re taking a look at what the future holds for Grant McGregor and who better to do that than our very own Commercial Manager, Andy Moloney.

I have a particular view on the talent and abilities of Grant McGregor. I’ve been here for a little over six months now, previously working for a supplier of GM, SolarWinds, providing the most popular products used by Managed Service Providers across the UK and globally. At my previous company, I had contact with most of the Managed Service Providers in the UK and visibility of their set-up and procedures.  It was very easy to identify those who knew what they were doing by growing their businesses and delivering a quality service at the same time. 

It was also alarming to see how badly organised some providers were either because they were just starting out or because they were simply fire-fighting all the time with no real strategy.

When you compare this to Grant McGregor you realise how professional and capable we are. Having been on the outside looking in for over 5 years, I’ve really seen how they’ve grown, and how that rate of growth has accelerated recently. And it’s not hard to see why.

David and Jon have invested significantly in expanding their team

So behind the scenes, we not only have a group of technicians and support professionals, but we also are now including specialisms – security springs to mind with the introduction of Gaye Cleary as our Security Assessor, who just spoke at the sold-out Scot-Secure event in Edinburgh. Lots of our competitors will suggest that they have security knowledge, but very few have a dedicated person with the qualifications and experience that Gaye has and that certainly demonstrates the level that Grant McGregor is playing at. By introducing these specialisms, it also allows lots of room for career growth – wherever you join us.

Another new member of the team is Katerina Konstantinou. As Business Change Executive she is helping streamline our processes and putting in place new procedures that we can follow to create better, repeatable workflows that work for us and our customers. This is just another role that you won’t find represented in other, similar companies.

The list of GM’s uniqueness is almost endless and how the company is growing, with its heritage of nearly 20 years, means that anyone working here can be assured of its continued success. But more than that anyone who joins us can be secure in the knowledge that there are plenty of ways to grow with us.

From specialised field support and project management to concentrating on cybersecurity, and exciting roles in sales and marketing – working at Grant McGregor is a no brainer for anyone in the IT industry who is based in Edinburgh, Fife or Tayside.

And that’s why I like working here. I not only know that every day is going to bring a new challenge, but that as time goes by those challenges will evolve with the company.

Andy Moloney