18th April 2019

Interviewing – Aliina Avotins, Support Desk Analyst

Aliina Avotins

Interviewing can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of a job search. What will they ask me? With whom will I be meeting? Will there be any practical element on the day? How long after will I know if I’ve been successful? These are all relevant questions, and some of them might keep you up at night. Knowing this, we decided to give you a glimpse into our process so you’ll know some of what will happen before you even apply.

Aliina Avotins joined Grant McGregor in August last year, and we’ve asked her to give you a bit of detail about how she went from application to her first day in her new role.

I was finishing my honours degree in Computer Network Management and Design at Robert Gordon University and knew that I had to get out into the workplace when my course ended.

While also using the traditional techniques of job hunting – recruitment agencies, trawling the internet, jobs pages in newspapers – I also decided to see where using LinkedIn would get me. I saw a post on LinkedIn for an opening at Grant McGregor that interested me.

After filling in the application form and submitting it, together with my CV, I was contacted a few weeks later by Paul, the IT Service Manager at Grant McGregor.

This was my first surprise – I was actually speaking to someone at the company, not a third-party agent who usually contact you. It was a really personal touch that I appreciated.

We arranged a suitable time for me to come in for an interview.

The interview was quite informal. They asked about my experience and why I wanted to work in the role. They were just as interested in me personally as they were about my technical knowledge. I felt really comfortable; it was more like a chat than an interview. The interview ended with them telling me exactly what would happen next – whether I was successful or not that they would contact me on Monday (I had interviewed on a Friday). I left feeling confident – I wanted to work there.

I arrived at the Edinburgh office and was met by Miriam, who was very friendly and took me to a meeting room where I was met by Paul, whom I spoke with on the phone, and Doug, GrMc’s IT Infrastructure Manager.

The whole approach was so personal – I felt a connection with those that I’d met so far, and I could see that there was care from the Directors down.

Sure enough, on Monday, I received the phone call to say that I was successful and that I could start in two weeks. I was delighted. Moreover, now that I have been here for more than 8 months, I can say that they’ve lived up to my original opinion of them – they, we, are a company of people who care. I am grateful that Grant McGregor has given me this opportunity straight from my studies.

Aliina Avotins