3rd May 2019

Job News: May 2019

Grant McGregor

Supporting school children into the digital workplace

The National Leteracy Trust has found that a majority of teachers believe that technology can help literacy amongst school pupils and that access to technology is fundamental in helping to increase attainment. However, the study also finds that availability of software, hardware, and wifi in schools is inconsistent – with secondary pupils suffering the hardest.

Lack of access to technology in schools is holding pupils back

Apprenticeship vs Degree

Last year, CIPD found that only 52% of graduates were working in a graduate-level job six months after leaving university. In the tech sector the problem can be that employers often don’t see a university education as having provided relevant, contemporary skills. On the other hand apprenticeships, whilst being heavily supported by successive governments, come with a stigma attached. So how do we sqaure this circle?

University vs Apprenticeship: The education debate

What will you be doing in 2050?

The jobs market is always a key barometer of change within society. It can give an indication of technological advancement, how we spend our leisure time, and of the way in which our population is ageing. Besides that, AI and Robotic replacements are having a massive effect on the jobs market. Here’s a list of just 10 jobs that don’t or rarely exist now that are predicted to be huge by 2050.

10 unusual jobs that will be huge in 2050

The year in Employment Law

Pretty dry, but very important – here’s a roundup of changes in employment law coming this year.

Ten changes to look out for in employment law

Careers news, why should you care?

And, finally, while a written a couple of years ago (and focussed on the US), here’s why following job related news is important to your career.

How Following Industry News Can Boost Your Career

Grant McGregor