17th April 2019

My Day – Kevin Candy, Field Service Engineer

Kev Candy

This week we put a spotlight on one of our Field Service engineers, Kev Candy.

Delivering on-site and remote support, primarily to our customers in the North East and Fife, Kev is going to give you a glimpse into his work in the first of our series of Day in the life posts.

Everyone would say this, but for me, it’s really true – in my work, no two days are the same. I work as part of the Projects & Change Team at Grant McGregor which means that my main focus is on delivering larger pre-planned projects that our customers require. Together with this, I make scheduled visits to client sites too, again, work on larger projects as well as assisting with issues onsite. So that’s why my work is ever changing.

I suppose the thing that the majority of my work has in common is that I spend most of my time meeting with, and working with clients, in person – giving me the ability to develop relationships with customers and get a detailed view of their work, their systems and how we can support them in achieving their goals.

My work is, by and large, more strategic – facilitating the businesses and organisations that we work with to become more efficient and grow.

It also means that, often, I increase my skillset – learning new technologies and putting them into practice. Like when a client asks for us to give them a new facility – I have to go away, find the correct solution for their needs, learn about it, plan for it and deploy it. Advancing my skills is a rewarding part of my daily routine – stretching myself and gaining the satisfaction of not only helping a client but also putting my brain to work.

Being in the field means that I travel a lot – and not just between two different clients, but also for one client. In the morning I can find myself setting up a site office on a building site, then travelling to a marketing office before ending my day at the same company’s HQ. This brings with it great variety – I can go from installing machines and infrastructure to dealing with support requests, to thinking strategically about how we help move a company on.

Again, because my work is more change focussed rather than support focussed the pressure is different. Rather than being driven by support desk timescales, I work within the more extended periods associated with change SLAs. Meaning, I get more time to come up with the right solutions and can dive deeper into the technologies that we are dealing with.

When I was asked to focus on my daily routine for this blog, I wondered how on earth I would write a “tick-tock” of my working day – there really is no blueprint.

However, then I realised that this is the beauty of my job – there is no blueprint, every day really is different.

Kev Candy