24th May 2019

My First Month – Gary Gillespie

Gary Gillespie

Today we take a look at what you might expect your first month to be like at Grant McGregor, through the eyes of one of our Service Desk Analysts, Gary Gillespie.

Gary joined the team back in August last year having previously held roles at Getronics and Dell.

I’ve spent over 14 years working in I.T., previously working at two large multinationals. Grant McGregor is an entirely different environment to those that I worked for before. It’s smaller, obviously, but the real difference lies in the way you feel when you walk in.

There’s a nagging doubt that sets in after you have successfully interviewed for a role – will it be the same to work somewhere as the way the interview made you feel or was that just for show and the reality will be different? My interview was relaxed, there was no tech test like I had had to do at other places, and the whole atmosphere was not tense in the slightest. Walking in on my first day, I was greeted with the same feeling, but more than that from the very first moment I felt a sense of belonging that I hadn’t elsewhere. That feeling has only grown with time.

Beyond my feelings for the place, I also knew from minute one how my induction would work and what the plan was for me to move from induction and training to begin live support.

The first few days were filled with online training and learning the toolsets that I would use. After this, I started to receive email tickets from customers. This meant that I could spend a bit more time answering and resolving issues than if I had gone straight on to the phones. I could reflect on my response and the solution to the problem at hand. I could also approach my new colleagues to bounce ideas off of them to make sure that I was giving the right advice. It also allowed me to get a taste for the varied clients I would be working with, their working practices and the types of issues that I would be facing in my role. There was no pressure to move from email tickets to taking phone calls – it was very much left up to me to decide if I felt comfortable and ready to move to live support. In the end, about ten days after I joined, with a couple of people off work I was asked if I could muck in and take telephone support tickets – but after the time and training I’d received it was a relatively smooth transition.

It’s the sense of belonging here at Grant McGregor that is so different to anything I’ve experienced before. I know I’ve already said it, but it’s quite unique. The Directors aren’t some unknown entity that you never see – we sit right in the offices with them, and they are always around, making sure things are ok and that we’re happy in the office.

Elsewhere, cliched as it is, you feel like another number – you come to work, you do your job, and you leave. Here it’s friendly, we all get along, and you feel like you’re making an impact. The communal nature of the working environment means that you’re always firing off ideas around the place (and, from the very beginning, I felt like my voice was heard and my experience valued). You feel like you’re part of something bigger and that you’re efforts are appreciated.

Gary Gillespie