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New Staff Benefit Added – Aviva Invitation Private Medial Insurance

Grant McGregor

5th July 2019
We already have a long list of key benefits that we give to our staff and we’re always looking for ways to expand these benefits. Our goal is to make our people feel valued whilst looking after them in different ways. Financially, we’re firm believers in salary packages that meet or exceed industry standards. We […]
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Cameron Rendall on his career so far

Cameron Rendall

28th June 2019
Cameron, known as Cammy, has been with us for 3 years, joining us as an apprentice in 2016 and growing into his current role of Service Desk Analyst. Cammy’s future with us has been further guaranteed as he phases into our change team as a Field Service Engineer. I left school early, while my peers […]
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What does hiking, the colour maroon and The Big Lebowski have in common?

Grant McGregor

14th June 2019
It’s often easy to see groups of people bound by a single attribute as two-dimensional caricatures. This is particularly evident when we think about people who work in IT. The image that springs to mind is of someone rather grey, geeky, pizza loving, nocturnal and serious. But look closer, and like all clichés, it all […]
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My First Month – Gary Gillespie

Gary Gillespie

24th May 2019
Today we take a look at what you might expect your first month to be like at Grant McGregor, through the eyes of one of our Service Desk Analysts, Gary Gillespie. Gary joined the team back in August last year having previously held roles at Getronics and Dell.
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Mental Health Awareness Week – Part 1

Paul Denton

13th May 2019
I'm Paul. I'm an external consultant and I work with Grant McGregor doing ... well, this. I try to identify the unique identity that makes them a great company to work for - from the mundane pay and benefits to the fun and friendly work environment. But today, it's my story.
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Mental Health Awareness Week

Job News: May 2019

Grant McGregor

3rd May 2019
We do the searching so you don't have to - here's a roundup of interesting articles related to careers that you might find useful.
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Job News

Creating an office environment that works for everyone

David Lawrence

26th April 2019
When a workplace is open and friendly, well equipped and dynamic, and the team is looked after and rewarded success is almost built-in. David Lawrence, Co-Founder of Grant McGregor, shows us why it’s important to build such an environment. Our core mission since co-founding Grant McGregor has been to deliver exceptional experiences, one person at […]
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Interviewing – Aliina Avotins, Support Desk Analyst

Aliina Avotins

18th April 2019
Interviewing can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of a job search. What will they ask me? With whom will I be meeting? Will there be any practical element on the day? How long after will I know if I’ve been successful? These are all relevant questions, and some of them might keep you […]
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My Day – Kevin Candy, Field Service Engineer

Kev Candy

17th April 2019
This week we put a spotlight on one of our Field Service engineers, Kev Candy. Delivering on-site and remote support, primarily to our customers in the North East and Fife, Kev is going to give you a glimpse into his work in the first of our series of Day in the life posts.
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Day in the life

Grant McGregor – how the future looks

Andy Moloney

5th April 2019
This week we’re taking a look at what the future holds for Grant McGregor and who better to do that than our very own Commercial Manager, Andy Moloney. I have a particular view on the talent and abilities of Grant McGregor. I’ve been here for a little over six months now, previously working for a […]
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