14th June 2019

What does hiking, the colour maroon and The Big Lebowski have in common?

Grant McGregor

It’s often easy to see groups of people bound by a single attribute as two-dimensional caricatures. This is particularly evident when we think about people who work in IT. The image that springs to mind is of someone rather grey, geeky, pizza loving, nocturnal and serious. But look closer, and like all clichés, it all starts to fall apart. At Grant McGregor we employ people – three-dimensional humans, all with their own personalities.

Who would have thought that an IT professional would list lawn bowls as one of their favourite hobbies? That’s just what our Service Desk Manager, Paul Sinclair, has done when asked recently. When I look through the list of some very basic likes, I quickly notice how different everyone is. Yes, of course, there are some overlaps – The Big Labowski gets a number of votes as a favourite film, our office’s colours of choice seems to be blue or maroon (which, on the surface, seems quite a specific choice, but is easily explained by their love of Hearts FC) and computer games takes the number one spot for hobbies.

However, amongst our ranks we have guitar players, cooks, campers, hikers, footballers, wargamers, music producers and art fans. They listen to EDM, rock, pop, chart music and classical. They are dog lovers. They are cat lovers. They do work for charity and in their communities. There’s a former Army Officer. And family people. They watch thrillers, dramas, comedies, horrors and sci-fi.

So, what does this all tell us? Something and nothing. When we think about it hard enough we realise that everyone around us is different, even when they are connected by something significant. But recognising those differences and appreciating how they add up to a dynamic environment is where the secret lies. By knowing that our team at Grant McGregor is not one homogenous group we are better able to support and nurture the family feel we strive to provide in our offices. Even if some of them do support Hearts.

Grant McGregor