who are we?

Our purpose is simple: - To make our customers, employees and partners happy!

We aim to be loved by our customers because we deliver great experiences to them every day. We do this by understanding and acting in their best interests; one person at a time.

our values


We say what we are going to do and do what we say. We deliver our promises.


We have an unrivalled customer service ethos to do the best job we possibly can.


We pursue technical growth and learning, and reward performance.


We listen first to truly understand our customers’ needs before recommending appropriate solutions.


We will never be happy with the status quo, constantly seeking to improve ourselves and, the technology we recommend to our customers.


We work together to service our customers’ needs and help the company succeed.


We provide solutions and unmatched service that, together, deliver an advantage to our customers.


We maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our actions. How we do business is as important as the business we do.

your benefits


When our team need quick, high quality medical care we provide access to Aviva Invitation Private Medical insurance.

Employee Assistance Programme

Offering emotional, practical and physical support to employees and their families around the globe, Workplace Options is on-hand with 24/7 confidential help, including counselling, information, guidance and referrals on any work, personal or family issue.

Training to attain certification

As your employment progresses, your skills may be extended to cover new job activities with us. We encourage continuous professional development to obtain relevant professional qualification to help you perform in your current and any future role.

Access to online learning

Grow your skills and advance your career.
As you evolve your career, you need a learning solution that inspires you to create the future. With Pluralsight, you can keep up with the speed of technology, work smarter and faster, and gain in-demand skills in areas like cloud, mobile, security and data.


We use a provider called ‘The People’s Pension’ (PP) as our workplace pension scheme for automatic enrolment - this means that your employer’s contributions, together with the contributions you pay and tax relief from the government, are paid into a pension account in your name.

Incremental annual leave allowance

We recognise tenure, and you will be entitled to an extra day’s holiday after completion of 2 years’ service and another day’s holiday after 5 and 7 years’ service.

annual pay progression

We're committed to ensuring that basic salaries remain competitive. We do this by conducting an annual pay review, paying individuals in line with industry practice and standards, and benchmarking salaries against other employers.

Progression path
and promotions

Regardless where you are starting your career or if you are joining us as an apprentice or a consultant, we want you to grow with us. Our apprentices have enjoyed progression up to and beyond level 3 technical support. Our Professional Services people enjoy rewards based upon performance throughout the year.

Celebrate your birthday

It’s your birthday and we want to help you celebrate. In your first year have lunch on us and in the 2nd year take a half day for yourself. Thereafter you'll get a full birthday day off.

Online HR software

We use a system that streamlines GrMc HR functions with easy-to-use tools including holiday planner, absence management and document management

Corporate Social Responsibility
day off (per year)

Want to support a charity of your choosing? We'll give you a day's paid leave, each year, to do so.

Healthier Workplace

Do you like to stay healthy, but only have time to nip to the local fish and chip shop around the corner? Fortunately, we provide you with a healthier, more convenient option: our office fruit is delivered each week for all our people.

City centre offices

Our city centre office is housed in a building that is of special architectural and historical interest, but with a modern inside space that promotes productivity, teamwork and innovation

perks@work voucher scheme

We are subscribed to Perks@Work online shopping portal and a host of redeemable perks. Get vouchers from high street brands, discounted cinema tickets, and so much more.

employee engagement


We like to reward people for going over and above their responsibilities - it might be a great idea, excellent customer experience or working that extra bit smarter. We always want to say thank you. Our Incentive Scheme allows people to be rewarded weekly with extra money or time off in lieu.


Our goal as a team is to work together to service our customers’ needs and help the company succeed. But these units are not created overnight. We start by recruiting people that fit our culture, attitude and values. Even as a technology house we believe technology can aid communications but is not a replacement for face to face chats or quality time together in and away from the office.


Having direction in the workplace is essential. Knowing that you’re working in unity with the business goals and with your own purpose/direction. We work together to identify your quarterly rocks (goals) to help you achieve your objectives for the business. Any skill or knowledge (development need) required to assist with these objectives is also identified, and training provided.


We like to meet with you every week - we call these meetings "One-on-Ones". We think this is an excellent way for us to maintain good, open communication, and continue to build our relationship. The format of the 30 minutes is always the same. The first 10 minutes are for your agenda - your work, your challenges, your career, our working together. The primary focus of this meeting is going to be you. The middle ten minutes are for us, to share whatever we need to with you. The last 10 minutes are for us to talk about the future - your career, training, development, opportunities, etc.

good to know

It sounds obvious, but starting a new job can be daunting. We believe that you should know what is expected on day one so our job descriptions are clearly laid out with what your roles and responsibilities are, and our weekly one-on-ones allow you time to ask questions about your new role.

We will provide you with the resources and equipment to do your job to your best of your abilities.

We encourage people to challenge the status quo and to think differently. Only then can we disrupt, improve and grow, both as individuals and as a team.

What about recognition or praise for good work?

We believe in giving positive, helpful feedback and making sure that we celebrate your successes with you. We know how important it is to recognise achievement both individually and as a team.

Will someone at work seem to care about me as a person?

We’re a people focussed business – that means we believe that the wellbeing, development and happiness of our people are fundamentally entwined with our success.

How will I be encouraged to develop and grow in my role?

You’ll get to meet with us individually at our weekly “one-on-ones”. This is a time for us to ensure that we maintain good, open dialogue with you and enable us to talk about our future and your future – your career, training, development, opportunities and personal goals.

Will my opinions count?

Of course – we are only able to move forward by working with, and hiring, talented people – people who want to contribute with their thoughts and ideas.

Does the Vision of the company make me feel like my job is important?

Our people first approach focuses our positive efforts to help make our customers, ourselves and our partners happy!

How about my co-workers, will they be committed to doing quality work?

Our established Quality Policy is a commitment that “everyone at GrMc aims to produce and complete work that we can be proud of”. Ultimately, Teamwork and Quality are two of our eight values - principles that help us focus our efforts as a team

How easy will it be to make friends in the office?

Spending time at work should be enjoyable. Our social activities encourage our team to make positive connections and friendships.

How will my progress be monitored; will someone talk to me about it - after the first six months and into the future?

Personal development is critical to yours and our success. We hold reviews every 3 months to talk about your future career, training, development and opportunities.

After the first year, will I have had the opportunities to learn and grow?

Technology and learning is in our DNA. We will always encourage personal development and growth.

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